Or how I learned to stop worrying and love wide releases

So I’m really rocking that every other month vibe it seems. In my defence, time is weird now. Every day feels like Sunday…not as fun as Saturday and you probably have work to do the next morning but nobody is expecting it from you right now…or are they? Whatever the case, I’m not doing this pandemic as well as one might hope. I really really need another show, a real show with real live people that you can reach out and touch without worry of spreading disease. I don’t even need to be IN the show, guys. I’m finding myself creeping out buskers…just sitting there and watching with longing in my eyes…

But where were we? Ah, yes – wide releases. A few months back I told you guys about that pandemic-themed song I wrote and released on this very blog. Well shortly after, the folks at CBC and Jazz FM added it to their playlists and I was inundated with kind but annoyed emails asking me to make it easier to download or stream…and so I have! On September 25th, “Hello From My Basement” was officially served to all your favourite streaming platforms – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, you name it! More than that, you can purchase a copy on my Bandcamp Page and 100% of net proceeds from those particular purchases will go to Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. Unfortunately, food bank visits in Toronto have increased by almost 25% since the pandemic started, that’s close to 20,000 visits per week compared to a previous weekly average of 15,000, so if you can, consider making a donation. I’ll let you know that to-date, we’ve raised well over $500 with purchases of “Hello From My Basement” and live stream tips. Thanks for the pushes and nudges, friends, and for listening to my music. Putting out songs is such a strange and bizarre business…it’s so personal, even when you try to convince yourself that it’s not, and you so badly hope that more than your immediate family will listen to the things you make, maybe even listen to them a FEW times and feel something positive. I can’t complain though because you guys have consistently showed up and I have yet to realize that recurring nightmare with the empty theatre. No! That’s not true! Come to think of it, I totally had to cancel a gig once ‘cause we sold two tickets, but it was a while back and we try not to speak of such things anymore…hahaha…

I’m actually working on my next home-recording for you: a Christmas tune! I wrote it a little while ago with exceptionally talented folk singer-songwriter Danielle Knibbe. You may remember her from THIS performance that we did together back in February. REMEMBER FEBRUARY!?!? Anyway, we wrote this song which I’ve tentatively titled, “The Greatest Gift” and I’m trying to glue all the pieces together at my badly built IKEA desk. My drummer, Will Fisher, just did his part last night and posted an Instagram pic of his home set-up as you can see to my right (your left). [EDIT: Apparently this joke doesn’t work on smaller screens and the pic I’m referring might just be above]. 2020 is an adventure! All things considered, I may or may not get finished in time for Christmas, so please wish me luck.

You can also catch me at Virtual Kensington Market Jazz Festival next month. I did a little duo set with James Bryan, made up entirely of songs we wrote together like “Coffee Shop” and “Before I Do”. It’s going to air on Saturday, November 7that 10 PM ET. Click on THIS LINK and RSVP if you wanna make sure you don’t miss it!

A little important background info on James, he IS Milo of Prozzak fame. I’m a life-long, knows-all-the-words-to-every-song über fan of Prozzak and when I first found out who he was, I couldn’t be anywhere near him for 6 months without turning beet red and shrieking. REMEMBER THESE GUYS!?

As we reach the end of today’s blog entry, I want to wish you all the best things. Everyone, please keep safe and look after your mental health. If you can, take a little time to step back and appreciate the little things. If you see those buskers with the QR codes that you can safely tip from a distance, maybe give them something to make up for having to deal with people like me…Oh, and please keep the letters coming! I love reading your feedback on all things, and if you’re lost for what to say, I’m especially curious about the following topics:

  • Best licorice and where to get it
  • Horror movie and anime suggestions
  • Your favourite live streams of 2020
  • The meaning of life
  • Pictures of animals wearing human clothes