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Barbra Lica is a fast-rising Canadian jazz vocalist and songwriter, and has been receiving accolades for her unique vocal ability that stresses subtlety and grace. Based in Toronto, Barbra’s live shows have captivated audiences all over North America with her genuine warmth and confident stage presence.

Hot on the heels of her 2017 Juno-nominated recording, ‘I’m Still Learning’, Barbra Lica is back with her fifth and most ambitious offering to date – ‘You’re Fine’. Having spent the last couple of years touring clubs and festivals, Barbra found herself in Nashville where she was blown away by the sounds of old country and western swing. She dedicated the next year to song writing trips between Nashville and Toronto, collaborating with new songwriters and work-shopping with her band to find a new space for contemporary jazz, one that borrows and fuses elements of American country music.

“It starts and ends with Lica’s voice. It’s a bright, vibrant contralto one minute, laconic and syrupy the next when she lets a phrase die on the vine and trail off”

– Frank De Blase, Journalist, City Newspaper

‘You’re Fine’ covers all the bases: poignant, introspective, tongue in cheek and heart breaking. This genre-bending project breaks every rule while searching for commonalities between musical palettes, human experiences and two sides of one border. Recorded at Addiction Sounds Studios in the heart of Nashville, this represents Barbra’s second production with in-demand Canadian producer/bassist Marc Rogers. It also features Barbra’s full band of rising talents from Toronto alongside legendary guest artists Paul Franklin (Vince Gill, Mark Knopfler, Shania Twain) on the pedal steel guitar and multi-instrumentalist Wanda Vick Burchfield (Taylor Swift, Trisha Yearwood, Jason Aldean). ‘You’re Fine’ is a musical event not to be missed.


I’m too scared to play it on the show, but you just know I’m playing it at soundcheck.
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Heather Bambrick @heatherbambrick
Just when you thought you knew all sides of @beelica ... soundcheck is getting more and more interesting! #SoundOfJazz, #DisneySongbook, @JAZZFM91

I’m looking forward to doing two or three good things and at least one very silly thing on this concert. Everybody should come. Let’s pack it!!

Nothing like those Christmas cuddle days with the Cookster. He’s a real diva but how can I say no? Alexa! Play Holiday songs by Barbra Lica! @amazonmusic @AmazonMusicCAN

Thanks so much for the play!! Wahooo!

For anyone who ever asked when that Christmas song about my cat is coming out, here it is!
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Hey friends,

Just a reminder that tomorrow I’m at The Great Hall with Laila Biali, Lori Cullen and Heather Bambrick, celebrating all that is Disney. If you don’t have tickets, you can get them here:

So...whatcha think I’m singing? There’s at least one obvious choice...
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Little known fact, I run a pretty intense side hustle as a songwriter. Check out my latest co-write with Morrison Ma and Talltale. He sounds so good!!! Songwriting is really one of those crazy things where you're not limited to any one voice, genre or approach. Every session is completely different, for better or for worse, but this was one of the good ones:
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Guys, look how easy Amazon Music makes it to find my cat-loving Christmas song. I don’t even have to stop snuggling with Cookie over here. Alexa! Play holiday songs by Barbra Lica!
Barbra Lica