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    Update!! We’ve moved this event to November 23rd! Hope to see some of you there 🤓

    I want to take a moment to advertise this discussion I’m hosting on Tuesday c/o @LaunchpadTO . Musicians at all levels are welcome!

    VIP MEET & GREET @ 7:30 PM:
    I implore you to watch the show if only to see me pull off the greatest stunt of all time: performing 8 months preggo in the dead of summer.

    New show added! Join us this upcoming Thursday, July 29th on @AppHappin for a spotlight concert with City Hall Live. FREE to watch or PWYC donations to @UnisonFund PLUS VIP tickets for post-show meet & greet:

    Tonight!!! Grab a cold lemonade and join us 🙂
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    AuroraCulturalCentre @AuroraCulture
    Join us tomorrow night to hear from artists, and how the pandemic has shaped their work. Free event.
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    One week to showtime!!! Who's coming out to my first live-in-person show of 2021? If you ARE coming, any requests?
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    NEW DATE: Please consider attending this discussion I'm hosting on Tuesday, November 23rd via Artscape Daniels Launchpad. Some of the topics we'll discuss:

    💡The importance of and how to create a business plan
    💡How to create a budget
    💡How to build the right team around you
    💡How to create effective promo materials and craft effective pitches
    💡How to improve your grant funding applications
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Maternity leave? What maternity leave!?! haha...I'm happy to announce a live in-person show hosted by the Aurora Cultural Centre on Friday November 5th - my first since February 2020! None of my dresses fit at the moment and I'm not entirely sure who's going to babysit but I'm looking forward to it immensely. Join us! Resistance is futile.