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    VIP MEET & GREET @ 7:30 PM:
    I implore you to watch the show if only to see me pull off the greatest stunt of all time: performing 8 months preggo in the dead of summer.

    New show added! Join us this upcoming Thursday, July 29th on @AppHappin for a spotlight concert with City Hall Live. FREE to watch or PWYC donations to @UnisonFund PLUS VIP tickets for post-show meet & greet:

    Tonight!!! Grab a cold lemonade and join us 🙂
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    AuroraCulturalCentre @AuroraCulture
    Join us tomorrow night to hear from artists, and how the pandemic has shaped their work. Free event.

    Live show anybody? Join me on Thursday June 10th for a duo set with guitarist Tom Fleming and production sponsor @fusionevents . Free concert, donations accepted with 50% of proceeds going to @NativeCentre :
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Dear Friends,

    As I post this, I can see the amazing promo photo that Dale Sood took of me only 5 months ago in the background. Since then, I've come to experience all the joys of this little thing called pregnancy. Let me tell you, if pregnancy were a casino, I'd be deep in the red. All the "natural things" that approximately 50% of pregnant women experience? Well I've rolled for ALL of them. Tonight, come see my one and only concert performed with completely numb hands and feet, limited air supply, unbelievable nausea, a clicking jaw - how is that a thing? - and a rather charming waddle as I travel from centre stage to piano and back again. Don't get me wrong! I'm not trying to make any excuses here: we did pretty well all things considered! Hopefully you can read more about it in my upcoming autobiography, "Not Dying, Just Pregnant". Hahahah..okay jokes aside, we go live at 8:30 PM ET. Thanks to City Hall Live for putting this on, to the lovely band joining me on stage (Joel Visentin, Tom Fleming, Mark Godfrey, Will Fisher - Musician) and to Canis Major Music for setting up all the necessary admin while accommodating my brain fog. See you soon:
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Coming up on Thursday, July 29th at 8:30 PM - a live set of music with all my favourite peeps: Joel Visentin on keys and vox, Will Fisher - Musician on drums, Tom Fleming on guitars, and Mark Godfrey on bass and vox. This'll be a special presentation courtesy of City Hall Live. Watch FREE on Facebook Live or donate to Unison Fund via Happin: Live Streaming Platform where you can also purchase post-show VIP Meet & Greet tix:
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    3.5 hours until this event. Join me, pianist Charles Richard-Hamelin and visual artist/instructor Salman Khattak for a FREE open discussion on transitioning out of COVID. Pre-registration is open until 5 pm ET tonight.