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Officially out today and all bandcamp sales going to @DailyBreadTO !!

New profile pic, new single. Sorta. I’m officially putting “Hello from my basement” up on all digital streaming platforms this Friday. Time to getcho pandemic party on. #NewProfilePic #newsong #oldsweater beelica photo

Mark it in your calendars, friends. A special duo show made up entirely of songs written with the great @jamesbryanuk . Check out the whole lineup too cause @kensingtonjazz has done a crazy cool thing this year.
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KMJF @kensingtonjazz
Our first artists for the 2020 Virtual Kensington Market Jazz Festival have been announceed! Read the full update here: #KMJF2020

Can’t sleep...just found out Romania selects their Eurovision contestants by internal council now. There goes my secret Eurovision dream!

Ahem ahem. New blog post. The bigger achievement right now is having something to blog about!

It’s tonight!! Set your alarms! ❤️
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Downtown Yonge BIA @DowntownYonge
Let’s end the work week off on a musical note at the virtual pub! Order your food and drinks from @theimperialpub, and we’ll meet you at our Facebook page at 8pm to listen to the amazing performance of @BeeLica from their stage! #PlaytheParks #YongeLove
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
It’s today!!! And we’re officially out!! Thanks to JAZZ.FM91 for promo-ing this ditty and thanks to all of those who have already bought a copy. Let’s put some food in the bank!
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Folks, we're making it Spotify/Apple/Amazon official! This Friday September 25th, you can find "Hello From My Basement" on all your favourite streaming platforms, or if you'd like to buy a copy for keeps, you can visit my Bandcamp page here in 3 days: I'll be donating all Bandcamp sales from this Friday's release day to Daily Bread Food Bank, so please consider making a purchase.

While we're here, big thanks to Bobby Morales for mixing, Curtis Nowosad for playing drums, Ross MacIntyre for slappin da bass, and Tom Fleming for all things guitar. This cover photo comes to you courtesy of Effie Edits Inc. with HMU by the lovely Sydney Desnoyers, cut and colour as always by the most talented Jamie Potts at Hair by David and Co, and graphics by monsieur Steven Preisman. Oh and if you sent me a recording from your pandemic digs, thank you thank you thank you! I included every single one that I received and they still make me cry a little when that bit comes on.