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Anybody else thought about what our hair’s gonna look like in a few months?

Anybody else wondering if this is just some serious long game for April Fools? #nocorona #gotcha #youshouldseeyourfacerightnow

This is the best thing I’ve seen since hearing the words “corona virus”

This song has nothing to do with COVID-19, but if your heart has ever been broken and you seek a change of pace, please do click:

Yassss!! So excited for this show!! You might consider buying tickets right away for yourself and everyone you know.

I’m too scared to play it on the show, but you just know I’m playing it at soundcheck.
beelica photo
Heather Bambrick @heatherbambrick
Just when you thought you knew all sides of @beelica ... soundcheck is getting more and more interesting! #SoundOfJazz, #DisneySongbook, @JAZZFM91
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Hello friends. All my performances are looking to be cancelled for a good while so I’m trying to be creative and stay productive by writing and recording new songs. I have a small favour to ask from as many people as possible. Would you mind DM-ing or emailing me ( a short recording in the format “Hello from (wherever you are right now as specifically as you can kitchen, my bedroom, Barbados, Tokyo, my floor, my parents’ house)” doesn’t even have to be “hello” if you’re somebody who never says hello. You can say hi or hey or yo or whatever you want. I would love if this worked out ☺️. Looking forward to hearing whatever you send and mixing it into this new tune.
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
This woman is my hero.
Barbra Lica
Toilet Paper Cake
Times are nuts. Let's have a little chuckle and a little treat! A toilet paper cake (the most valuable currency right now) for your enjoyment!
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Hello friends. It's a tough time for many of us and here I am releasing an ultra sad heartbreak song...but maybe this can provide a little bit of catharsis! Introducing "You Should Write the Book" , written and performed by myself and the ever-talented Danielle Knibbe. Thanks to Dale Sood and Kyle McDougall for making this video and to Benjamin Pelchat and Josh MacIntosh Music at Kensington Sound for making it sound as nice as it does. Of course none of this would be possible without generous support from our sponsors: The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR), Fujifilm Canada and Jamie Potts o Hair by David and Co
Barbra Lica
You Should Write the Book - Live from Kensington Sound
Introducing "You Should Write the Book", a brand new standalone song performed live at Kensington Sound by Danielle Knibbe and Barbra Lica. It's always the o...