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    The fifth and final "In 40 Years" interview premiering now: Marina and Ivan - 42 Years Together via @YouTube
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    I take food very seriously. Hungry? One Day in Toronto: singer-songwriter Barbra Lica - via @eatnorth
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    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Thanks to JAZZ.FM91 for posting about “Blue Monday”!! Wahoooo
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Happy Civic Holiday everybody!

    To celebrate this very special edition of a Monday where many got to sleep in, I'm dropping a brand new tune. "Blue Monday" is my second co-production with keyboardist/producer/friend extraordinaire Joel Visentin and this time, we're leaning in on the hardest day of the week (most weeks anyway). Consider this a lover letter to all the lonely, anxious, and chronically depressed folks out there that simply can't get out of bed sometimes. We see you and we get it:

    Written by: Barbra Lica, Danielle Knibbe (Music) & Ally May
    Produced by: Barbra Lica & Joel Visentin
    Mixed by: Justin Gray ( Synthesis Sound )
    Mastered by: Justin Gray ( Immersive Mastering )
    Vocals: Barbra Lica
    Keyboards and Synth Programming: Joel Visentin
    Guitar: Rich Grossman
    Bass: Alex St. Kitts
    Trumpet: Tom Moffett
    Artwork by: Good Job Hi Five
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Our orchestra is ready to hit the road this weekend for a couple more shows! We never know when we'll have the budget and availability to get 16 people together for a performance so this project is super special and I hope a bunch of you can come out! If you haven't bought your tickets yet, please consider:

    Saturday, July 30th @ 7 pm: StoneCropAcres Winery (Morrisburg, ON):

    Sunday July 31st @ 2 pm: Westben (Campbellford, ON):

    Recorded by: Thom Varey
    Edited by: Kes Agnew
    Sound & Live Concert Footage Recorded by: Chris MacBride live at FLATO Markham Theatre

    Barbra Lica - Lead Vocals
    Sammy Jackson - Support Vocals
    Joel Visentin - Keyboard/Conducting
    Aline Homzy - First Violin
    Meghan Cheng - Second Violin
    Jessica Deutsch - Viola
    Amahl Arulanandam - Cello
    Tom Fleming - Guitar
    Will Fisher - Drums
    Mark Godfrey - Bass
    Anders Azzopardi - Trombone
    Olivia Esther - French Horn
    Kevin Turcotte - Trumpet
    Tara Davidson - Clarinet
    Allison Au - Flute
    Sheba Thibideau - Bassoon
    Rehearsal Sound - Anne Keillor

    "Before I Do" Written by: Barbra Lica and James Bryan
    Orchestral arrangement by: Anders Azzopardi and Barbra Lica

    We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.
    Barbra Lica