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    Live show anybody? Join me on Thursday June 10th for a duo set with guitarist Tom Fleming and production sponsor @fusionevents . Free concert, donations accepted with 50% of proceeds going to @NativeCentre :

    Just a reminder that this is happening tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited because I love admin waaay too much and I’m bizarrely positive about the music biz. Happy to dig into specifics if you wanna DM me your questions.
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    Waterloo Jazz Fest @waterloojazz
    Sign up to learn about the business of being an artist with jazz singer Barbra Lica courtesy of @RWArtsFund Wednesday May 19 7pm.
    Register here:

    Thinking about attending tomorrow's Nashville-esque writer's round concert with the Women of S.A.C.? Tickets available here for $20 or FREE for members of S.A.C., SOCAN and other Canadian Music Industry Associations:

    Here’s a #FBFriday to our Westben concert: Hello From My Basement (catch the full concert on the Official YouTube channel for @WestbenCentre )

    Announcing a new digital concert this Feb 13th at 8 pm!!
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    I'm here to let you know that if you haven't picked up your tickets for tomorrow yet, you can get them at the link below. It's a special edition Nashville-style writer's round concert from S.A.C. as part of Songbird North. Join me and other women of S.A.C. at 7 pm ET tomorrow - FREE for members of S.A.C, Socan or any other Canadian Music Industry Association. $20 General admission if you don't fit into any of those categories. Hope to see you there there!!! This is gonna be absolutely LIVE. I'm quaking in my booties a little but definitely looking forward to it.
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    A little song from last night #covidhairdontcare
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    For those of you who missed the concert last month, here’s a little clip of us performing “Hello From my Basement” live from Westben. You can catch the whole show and other amazing concerts on their YouTube channel but this tune really stood out because it features so many of you who answered my call for voice clips. Also featuring 2021 JUNO nominee Sammy Jackson on vocals, Tom Fleming on guitar and Michael Eckert on pedal steel.
    Barbra Lica
    Hello From My Basement
    What could be sunnier than a day on the Westben Meadow with Barbra Lica? Known from Japan to Manhattan, this internationally acclaimed Toronto-based singer-s...