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I’m all out of sandwich withooooout you. 🎶

I feel like I’m engaged in a useless sort of mental bargaining where it’s like, “Forget the nails! I’ll work out at home! Just my hair, okay?” Who am I even speaking to?

Announcing my new blog! I don’t care if it’s old-fashioned. I got plans, guys! Plaaaaaans!!! Gwahahaha:

Ladies and gents, @JPECjazz and I present to you a live concert recorded in three apartments with Joel Visentin on keys/bgs and Tom Fleming on guitar:

Move aside, Queen. It’s time for a Canadian Rhapsody.
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
While I may not be travelling very far these days, I just got word of a new release in Japan by Harumi. Check out this track on her latest EP ("Pride"), entitled "Fever Dream". I wrote it with the incredible Laurent Bourque and our producer/composer friend, TomoLow. Tomo challenged us to write about "nature" and avoid all hints of love...I got so weirdly nervous that I started writing about what the world looks like when I feel completely out of my element. Thanks to CYMBA Music Publishing for setting up this session and I hope you all enjoy a little something different from Lica land..hahah...
Barbra Lica
Fever Dream
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Fever Dream · Harumi Pride ℗ 2020 Sony Music Labels Inc. Released on: 2020-05-20 Arranger, Composer, Lyricist...
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Hello everybody! I hope you're all keeping distracted somehow. I've been finding it difficult to keep up with Facebook or Instagram through the sadness of cancelled concerts and group gatherings, but I'm still doing my best to be artistically active. To prove it, I've added a new blog section to my website and I'll be posting links here as I update it. Check out Post #1 below with details on the latest and greatest in Lica Land. HINT: I have big and magical plans.
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Hey guys,

It’s been a while. I’ve just been up to this and that, and I thought I’d direct you to a little concert made in three separate apartments belonging to myself, Joel Visentin (keys/vocals) and Tom Fleming (guitar). We made this for the music-loving folks at the Jazz Performance and Education Centre as part of their “Keeping Jazz Alive” series, and even though it’s our first time making anything like this, I think we did alright. I highly recommend you check out their site and take in some of their other concerts as well. A special shout out to Marc Rogers for lending me his Sputnik mic and giving me recording lessons, Bobby B Morales Hobart for giving me more lessons, and to Joel for picking the tunes and editing my editing. Please enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think.