“Imposter Syndrome” was featured in a @TorontoStar article today and I’m not mad at it:
    NEW ALBUM OUT TODAY. And by coincidence, it's bandcamp Friday. CHECKITOUT:
    Playing this new album down INCLUDING the outtakes on October 2nd @kensingtonjazz (10pm - Supermarket). You coming? #lateshow #funshow #SundayFunday
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Out of curiosity, who here is coming to our final orchestra show tomorrow in Kitchener? Any familiar faces!?!? I'm really really looking forward to this one!! If you're thinking about it and don't have tickets yet, click below:

    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Extra extra!! What happens when two Toronto musicians have completely different pandemic experiences and both make albums? Read all about it in today’s issue of The Toronto Star:

    Thanks Nick Krewen!!

    P.S. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ernesto Cervini, I highly recommend you check out his music. 🔥🔥🔥
    Barbra Lica
    Barbra Lica
    Good morning friends!

    "Imposter Syndrome" is out today in every form in all the places. I can't believe this project is ready and out there despite a pandemic, a super difficult pregnancy followed by a new baby, and my bright idea to start a chamber orchestra. HA! Please grab a copy at any of the links here (bandcamp is the only one with physical copies) so I can get all the ears on it. I appreciate everyone's support over this pandemic and even before that and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this music:

    In addition to the four tunes you've already heard, it features three all new tracks including "Take Care of You", my big ode to empathy that I co-wrote with my beloved guitarist Tom Fleming and co-produced with the widly talented Christine Bougie, "What Do You Say" the song I wrote and produced with one of my favourite musicians of all time, James Bryan music, to propose to my then boyfriend, and my slightly odd song poem, "Sour Women"...performed and produced by just me and Drew Jurecka with a little bit of piano, a lot of strings, and a buttload of strong feelings on being a woman.

    Thanks with all my heart to all the folks who wrote and produced/performed with me so that this album could exist: Danielle Knibbe (Music), Tom Fleming, Alexandra May, James Bryan music, Joel Visentin, Justin Gray, Nick Tateishi, Drew Jurecka, Christine Bougie

    Thanks also to all the additional musicians who played on the this album (Detailed credits available on my bandcamp): Mark Godfrey, Alex St. Kitts, Marito Marques, Joshua Van Tassel, Rich Grossman, Sarah Thawer, Tom Moffett, and the many people who contributed their voices to "Girls Like Me".

    And yet more thanks to the following key players: Justin Gray at Synthesis Sound and Immersive Mastering for mixing and mastering this whole project in both stereo AND Dolby ATMOS (Check out the ATMOS if you's soOOO cool), Believe for distributing the digital album, Indie Pool for pressing physical copies on a tight turnaround, CYMBA Music Publishing for their publishing support, Canis Major Music for all her work to book shows around these songs, Beth Cavanagh for her hard publicitying, Jen Squires - Photographer for the album/single photography, Matilda Armstrong for the graphics, Matt Barnett for the physical disc 2D illustration, Sydney Desnoyers for hair styling/makeup, and Jamie Potts for everything hair always.

    Last, but most certainly not least, I want to thank The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent On Recordings (FACTOR) without whom none of this would be possible. Thank you for funding this album and giving me multiple extensions. We finally did it tho! Look at us go!