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It’s tonight!! Set your alarms! ❤️
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Downtown Yonge BIA @DowntownYonge
Let’s end the work week off on a musical note at the virtual pub! Order your food and drinks from @theimperialpub, and we’ll meet you at our Facebook page at 8pm to listen to the amazing performance of @BeeLica from their stage! #PlaytheParks #YongeLove

This Friday!!!
Downtown Yonge BIA @DowntownYonge
Captivating listeners everywhere, #TO native @beelica has a knack for pulling you in her warming and enlightening music and performances. We are so proud to have her #PlaytheParks On Location at @theimperialpub this Friday at 8pm on our FB page. Presented by @td_canada #YongeLove

Such a big fan of Song Studio and the students this year already seem wonderful. Really glad you enjoyed the morning session!!

Dear Twitter-friends, I'm learning how to produce songs from home and I've completed my first one. It was really difficult so please visit my blog and listen:

I’m all out of sandwich withooooout you. 🎶
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
It’s tonight and I’m so excited!!! I also have no idea how it turned out so I’ll be watching along with you and likely squirming every time I make a mistake. I already know I messed up a lyric somewhere!! If you can make it, please please write to me and lemme know what you think. I’d love to know if any of the newer songs are working for you guys.

You can watch live at 8 pm using this link:
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Psssst... mark your calendars for an actual concert in July with me n’ all the boys (at a safe distance of course). We’re taking over the Imperial Pub with support from Downtown Yonge BIA and it’s going to feel glorious. Any requests? Can’t promise we’ll find a way to rehearse but hey, if it’s something we already know! Haha...
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
NEW POST ALERT! You won't believe it, but I finally finished that demo with all the audio recordings you guys sent me. After literal months of fighting with my new home recording set-up, you can find a streamable link to "Hello From My Basement" on my blog:

I hope you enjoy it and please please send me any and all feedback you have. It's my first time ever producing a song and my second time posting on my blog. Maybe next month I'll tell you about my Russian Kettlebell training. I just upgraded to 16 kg and I feel like a dangerous beast. Rawr.

Special thanks to: Tom Fleming (guitars), Curtis Graham Nowosad (drums), Ross MacIntyre (bass) and Bobby B Morales Hobart (mixing engineer/teacher of all things)