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Yassss!! So excited for this show!! You might consider buying tickets right away for yourself and everyone you know.

I’m too scared to play it on the show, but you just know I’m playing it at soundcheck.
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Heather Bambrick @heatherbambrick
Just when you thought you knew all sides of @beelica ... soundcheck is getting more and more interesting! #SoundOfJazz, #DisneySongbook, @JAZZFM91

I’m looking forward to doing two or three good things and at least one very silly thing on this concert. Everybody should come. Let’s pack it!!

Nothing like those Christmas cuddle days with the Cookster. He’s a real diva but how can I say no? Alexa! Play Holiday songs by Barbra Lica! @amazonmusic @AmazonMusicCAN

Thanks so much for the play!! Wahooo!
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Here it is!! Thanks so much to Ontario Arts Council - Conseil des arts de l'Ontario for making this video possible. I hope you enjoy it, and may your life AFTER watching this video only get better and better.

Director: Dale Sood (Arts & Rec Productions)
Editor: Effie Christina(
Sound recording/mixing: Tyler Emond
Accordion and Vocals: Joel Visentin (JV's Boogaloo Squad)
Bass: Mark Godfrey
Hair: Jamie Potts (Hair by David and Co)
Makeup: Ashley Vieira
Song written by: Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
When I'm Gone - Live Off The Floor
"When I'm Gone" is featured on my new album, You're Fine. Listen and Download: Connect with me: https://barbralicamus...
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
In celebration of our Toronto Jazz Fest co-bill with Marc Jordan, I’m releasing a new live performance video this Friday of my favourite tune off the album, “When Im Gone”, as captured by Dale Sood (Arts & Rec Productions) and Tyler Emond. It also features our resident funny man Joel Visentin on accordion/vocals and my ol’ bud Mark Godfrey on bass. Why my favourite tune you ask? It just sums up my life until now in a bizarrely accurate way. No YOU’RE having an existential crisis. No YOU hang up. Check out the preview below!
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Hey friends,

Just a reminder that tomorrow I’m at The Great Hall with Laila Biali, Lori Cullen and Heather Bambrick, celebrating all that is Disney. If you don’t have tickets, you can get them here:

So...whatcha think I’m singing? There’s at least one obvious choice...