Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the boredom

Welcome to my first website blog where I’ll be doing my best to keep you aboob of what’s on the horizon.

Originally, I was going to use this space to tell you about so many cool things: Writing in Nashville! Showcasing in Germany! Voyaging through Paris! Well friends, like all of you, my travel plans are thoroughly cancelled. I thought about just livestreaming till the cows come home, and I might still do one or two of those, but performances without my band make me oddly sad now. I really, really love my band, guys. Not as people. As people, they could certainly improve…hahahah…(mostly joking) but I really love making music with them and it’s not enough to just reschedule the shows we had…though we will certainly reschedule as soon as we can. Alas, what I find myself doing day in and day out, is imagining the great “after”. The “after” is such a shining beam of light for me that I want to prepare for and celebrate its arrival with the biggest, boldest performances I can possibly imagine. I’ve teamed up with one of my best friends on the planet, Mr. Anders Azzopardi (arranger/trombonist extraordinaire), and we’re combing through everything I’ve ever recorded to pick 15 songs which we will set to me + 15-piece arrangements. You read right: FIFTEEN!! That’s me, plus the four lovable schmos I’ve been touring with all these years, and then eleven more musicians. STRINGS! WOODWINDS!! Come here, French Horn! You’re cool and look awkward to play and I want you now!

Please check back in for more updates and if there’s a song of mine that you want to hear on steroids, hit me up here!

We ARE taking requests. See you in the after.