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I just won $0.56 on @hqtrivia Nintendo night!! I’m amazing!! I had zero help. #triviamaster

My new @Dyson vacuum has shipped and is on its way. I’m so excited I just wanna throw confetti everywhere!! And then like...clean it up with my new vacuum...

Thanks so much to @SOCANFoundation !! Just found out that they’re helping out with my recent Dayton adventure. So so so appreciated!

All I want in life right now is to at least place in the 150 cc Grand Prix. What am I doing wroooong?
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
I got to be a guest on Jaymz Bee’s podcast!! So much fun!! Advance apologies to my guitar playing friend, Tom. I will gladly book your window seat every time.
Barbra Lica
Boy this was a lot of fun. Barbie was up early, went jogging and was fully awake for this interview! Please share and be sure to come back every Friday for a new Podcast!
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Don’t let Christmas sneak up on you this year!!Pick up a digital copy of my one and only Christmas album this holiday season. No shipping, no worries:

Featuring my original Christmas song, “Christmas on the Beach” and a downright wacky arrangement of “O’ Christmas Tree”.
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
Barbra Lica
I posted this on Instagram a few days back but here’s the uninterrupted version. This is for anyone who’s felt that flutter before the school dance and wondered if tonight is the night that the object of your unwavering affection finally notices you. I was immensely awkward in high school so he brushed past me on his way to dance with somebody else but hey, what’s a song for if not re-writing history to make you cooler?
Barbra Lica